TV shows are always more than they appear; they entertain, shock and move us, they may sometimes distract and diminish school grades but beneath the scripts, sets and actors and all else lie a myriad of messages, lessons and commentaries waiting to be observed.
This blog seeks to shed light on the shows that have the most to say; through comprehensive research, observation and even factoring in wacky conspiracy theories and hearsay; you will see a new dimension in shows with regards to its inception, background and content that will surprise you and change the way you see them or at the very least provide you with a solid comeback should your parents tell you that watching the show is a waste of time.
(Bear in mind though, while some of the statements made may appear to be definitive declarations of what the show and show’s creator was intending; this blog is primarily personal opinion (unless sourced) and isn’t speaking for them).
Tune in each week to see the lid lifted on a different TV show and the social, historical, cultural and all other “-al” related gems that it has to share and unlock the code.

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